How to generate more leads and sales for a SaaS business.

Our use cases will show you how we can help you generate more leads and sales in your industry. All the information provided is based on real cases and projects we worked on.


Increase number of inbound leads

Generate more sales opportunities

Grow user's retention


Over the last couple of years, SaaS (software as a service) lead generation strategies have changed significantly. Consumers are more demanding and have higher expectations from vendors. Before making a purchase and committing to a business, consumers research the product they intend on purchasing extensively.

As such, SaaS businesses have to adapt their lead generation strategies to bring in relevant leads that can be converted into paying customers. It’s no longer about flashy advertising, but rather about quality content, personalization, value, massive visibility, and optimization.


Brand Awareness

User Adoption

Customer Acquisition

Growing Competition

Services for SaaS companies

Find out how Targeto can work for your SaaS business: more than 82% of new purchases start with an online search. Have you ever wondered “who is taking your online customers” away from you insofar as better positioned and communicating more effectively?

Achieving and maintaining a strong web presence is essential for capturing qualified leads for a SaaS. You can use digital channels to attract businesses and people interested in solving the problems your organisation has a solution for.

SaaS Lead Generation Strategy

We partner your in-house team and develop a strategy to be implemented throughout the year, to attract more visitors, generate more leads, close more deals and retain acquired customers.

Sales Prospecting

Generate a database of potential users for your Software-as-a-Service. We will analyse our sources and deliver you a list of users to start your outbound sales in no time.

Users' Email Outreach

We keep your current leads alive, by communicating at scale values and benefits of your solution. You can beat your SaaS competitors by getting exponential visibility in your market.

Lead Generation Advertising

We increase the effectiveness of your digital channels to generate new contacts (B2C and B2B) interested in your software through SEO, Social Media Marketing and PPC Advertising.

CRM Optimisation

A great SaaS business is based on outstanding processes. We enable the sales department to work more effectively and efficiently by accessing relevant data about leads and deals.

Marketing Automation

We activate new technologies and new activities to optimize the performance of your web-app. Methods include developing auto-responders, chatbots, reviews collection, service tickets, and much more.


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