How to generate more orders for your e-commerce business.

Our use cases will show you how we can help you generate more leads and sales in your industry. All the information provided is based on real cases and projects we worked on.


Optimise UX for Conversions

Increase number of generated orders

Increase average cart value


Probably the biggest pain point for every online shop is ecommerce lead generation and finding potential customers.

On average, 2.86% of website visits are converted into purchases. It can seem that this number is very low, but actually, it isn’t.

Take an example: you’re generating around 10.000 unique visits per month – that’s more than 286 customers at least. Also take into condideration that once a person becomes your customer, he will purchase from you multiple times.

But these statistics mean nothing if you actually don’t know how to bring those 10.000 or even more website visitors.

Whether you are a small business, trying to reach a global market, huge wholesaler or even a dropshipper, generating relevant leads for your business is probably overwhelming.


Brand Awareness

Differentiate Products

Automate Marketing

Multiple sales per Customer

Growing Competition

Services for Ecommerce companies

Targeto has been working for many years in the world of online sales, supporting startups and brand with developing e-commerce websites, increase conversion rates and generate more orders through effective lead generation strategies. So, how does lead generation for Ecommerce work?

Ecommerce Lead Generation Strategy

We partner your in-house team and develop a strategy to be implemented throughout the year, to attract more visitors, generate more leads, sell more products and retain acquired customers.

Ecommerce UX Optimisation

Ecommerce success starts from the UX (User experience) based on modern, secure technology. We constantly optimize your web pages for search engines and boosting the shopping experience.

Customers' Email Outreach

We keep your current leads alive, by communicating at scale news and features of your products. You can beat other brands by getting exponential visibility in your market.

Ecommerce Advertising

We increase the effectiveness of your digital channels to generate new sales. We reach out to potential customers interested in your products through Social Media Advertising and other channels.

Up-Sell and Cross-Sell

We use advanced technology to create powerful up-sell and cross-sell strategies, to increase the average order value of your ecommerce.

Marketing Automation

We use new tools to optimize the performance of your Ecommerce. Methods include developing auto-responders, chatbots, reviews collection, service tickets, and much more.

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