Launching a new info-business in the trading education niche going from 0 to 60k ARR in 90 days

A trading information platform was created with a simple goal in mind: help traders in Italy take smarter decisions with their investments every single day.

Targeto invested in this new business, and led the digital strategy, design and implementation achieving the following results in about 3 months:

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The marketing ecosystem

The plan was to create an active audience of members that would benefit from the info-product, while building a strong community of people that would create additional value through discussions between members. The members were funnelled from all the marketing activities into a custom-designed membership area designed to fulfil this purpose.

Specifically the membership area allows its users consume the recurring content and information provided by the subscription service, but it also allows them to engage as a community to make the overall experience more valuable and interactive. The membership area was designed as an internal social network, with a public feed, where its members were able to post content, and reply to others’ contributions. A one-stop for trading information and education, guided by an industry expert.

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Prepare the engine

Targeto decided to rely on organic traffic to launch and grow the business in the first year. We started by inviting users to a launch webinar, by using existing targeted email lists provided by our industry experts. We planned a series of webinars partnering with other industry leaders, to acquire other new leads and grow the overall reach of the activities. All the webinars were promoted through custom landing pages with high-conversion rate (30-35%). Combining all the marketing efforts we started working with a list of 8000 emails to launch and promote the free-to-join membership.

During the first three months, we focused on promoting the free access level of the new membership area. Here we would make valuable content available to all registrants. In 3 months we had collected around 1000 free registrations.

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It's show time

The info-product was presented with a dedicated webinar, where all the registered users were invited. A launch promo was presented for the first 10 days (the evaluation process of some interested leads can be longer than expected, it’s important to give them a timeframe that makes them comfortable with evaluating the opportunity). The launch promo included a 3-months subscription, with automated renewal, and the possibility for the subscriber to cancel at any time. Attendance to the launch webinar was limited to 100 users, which created great fear of missing out in the audience.

Email automations were setup before the webinar, in order to reach out to all the webinar participants, giving them all the information needed for them to make a buying decision. The email sequence targeting non-participants, gave them the opportunity to watch the webinar through an automated recording.

At this stage of the launch, no sales representative was involved, since we aimed to only get subscriptions from users extremely interested in the offer.

119 subscription were collected, 40% of which happened during the 48 hours after the webinar. This equals to a monthly-recurring revenue of €5.022 and an annual-recurring revenue of €60.259 with no advertising spending generated in less than 3 months.

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Next steps

Further advancement in the marketing ecosystem will include new free webinars, showing the experience of the 100+ subscribers that purchased the info-product. This will give a boost to free registrations inside the platform, providing additional leads for new subscriptions. No other offers will be made for the next 6 months, to create greater desire in the leads that were left out of the launch promo. A great content creation process and organic communication will be needed to scale-up this business.

New advertising investments will be made, allocating some of the profits generated from the first round of subscriptions. A great organic content creation process will also be needed to scale-up this business, repeating the process that has worked for the first launch.

Cart-Abandonment sequences are critical at this stage to offer incentives to the interested users, and such process can be integrated with the effort of some sales representatives reaching out to the hot leads. Targeto aims to generate a 5x growth in the next 12 months.

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