Grow your Social Media accounts effectively

Why grow on Social Media?

Social Media has become a key activity to elevate your business from competition. Users get to know brands & products through social media, and first impressions are more important than ever. Start growing your Facebook & Instagram pages with the expertise of a social media manager.

Content Calendar

Our team will build a custom Content Calendar that helps you grow your accounts acquiring followers interested in your business.

Dedicated Manager

A dedicated manager will design all posts for Instagram & Facebook to maximise the engagement and boost brand exposure.

Full Page Management

We will take care of all the activities related to your accounts: Page setup, posts creation, monitoring, optimisation and reporting.

Targeto helps you post effectively.


We build a content calendar.

A content calendar help you plan ahead future communications on all social channels. We will build a custom plan to achieve your goals.


We post on your accounts.

Our expert graphic designers and copywriters will design week by week high-performance posts to grab users’ attention.


We grow your pages.

Our team will constantly monitor and optimise your contents to boost engagement and always reach more followers.

Work with a dedicated Social Media Manager


It's so much more than "just a post". Build your Social identity.