Lead Generation.

If you need qualified leads for your business we are your perfect partner. We can drive as many qualified leads as you can take care of.​

You need leads.

B2B and direct selling companies need qualified leads on a daily basis. You can either go and do your lead generation, but it won’t ever be as deep and qualified as the lead generation we can set up for you. Our leads are high quality and just need to be closed in your next deal.

Currently we deliver more than 220.000 leads per month to clients in 4 continents. 

The process.

We build a lead generation machine tailored to your offer. Leads will then follow a pre-qualification funnel in order to have your closer do their job easily. 

Once the leads are collected and qualified we send them to your team. There are no limits in the amounts of leads we can deliver to you. The only limits are set by: your budget and the infrastructure.


Since not all the companies have real processes in place to close deals, we provide a training platform where you can learn how to squeeze the best results from your sales representatives. Sales is as simple as follow the right procedure. 

There are not bad sales representatives, there are just bad procedures and team leaders.