10x Your B2B Qualified Leads and Book Appointments By Installing This 100% Automated System In Your B2B Business

Let us build and install a lead generation system, completely done for you, that will generate new leads and appointments on auto-pilot, by leveraging E-mail marketing and LinkedIn.

Multi-channel outreach for incoming leads matching your ICP.

Harness the power of multi-channel outreach to engage incoming leads that match your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). By leveraging both email and LinkedIn, you can maximize your reach and impact. This strategic approach ensures personalized, targeted communication, boosting your chances of converting leads into loyal customers and driving your business growth.

E-Mail Outreach

Learn how to design and execute targeted email campaigns to engage your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). Each email is personalized to address specific pain points and needs, using compelling content and strategic follow-ups to maximize open rates and responses, fostering strong relationships with potential clients.

LinkedIn Outreach

Leverage LinkedIn's network to initiate meaningful conversations, share relevant content, and nurture relationships, driving engagement and generating high-quality leads for your business.

Process explained

ICP Research
We identify your target audience through detailed Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) research, ensuring we focus on high-potential prospects to optimize your sales efforts.
Our personalized email and LinkedIn campaigns engage your ICP effectively, boosting response rates and building meaningful connections.
Appointment Setting
We schedule meetings with qualified leads, keeping your sales pipeline full and enabling your team to close deals efficiently.

Top lead generation experts assigned to your campaigns

Account Manager

Takes care of each stage of your project — from initial research to analyzing campaigns’ performance and strategy refinement.

Lead Resercher

In charge of finding leads and verifying data for the outreach activities, precisely matching your Ideal Customer Profile.


Polishes your cold email campaigns to make them resonate with your potential clients.

Sales Representative

Qualifies leads, schedules appointments with them, and makes sure they show up.

Deliverability Specialist

Configures tech side of your emails to make sure they go straight to your lead’s inbox.


Where do you get your B2B leads from?

We have access to hundreds of open data sources like Google, LinkedIn, Crunchbase, Glassdoor, D&B, Xing, etc. that we use to manually pull data piece by piece and then verify each data point with our Research Team. Our unique processes and approaches allow us to guarantee 100% of our leads to be fresh, up to date, and matching your Ideal Customer Profile.

What do you consider a qualified lead or appointment?

For us, qualified leads or appointments are the meetings that happen with prospects who mirror your Ideal Customer Profile perfectly, are the right decision-makers, and are interested in your services/products. We cannot say whether they will sign up or make a purchase from you today or tomorrow, but they are vetted to the point when you can talk shop with them.

Which platforms will you use to generate leads?

Our outreach machine relies on Emails and LinkedIn to generate leads with a full done-for-you service. We will automate activities to get in touch with your dream prospects and generate positive responses.

How long does it take to see the first results?

On average we see about a 5% response rate giving anywhere from 20-40 actual conversations over the month. The outreach system will take 7-14 days to go live.

How will I be able to monitor the progress of my campaign?

We will assign an Account Manager who will report to you on our progress with a monthly report. Additionally, we will generate comprehensive marketing reports with deep insights into your leads and campaign using Google Sheets.


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