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Kick off your multi-channel B2C lead gen. with a new acquisition funnel, multi-channel advertising campaigns and marketing automation.

Up to 3

Lead generation funnels

Up to $10,000

Spent on advertising monthly


Scale up your B2C sales with unlimited funnels, creatives and automations, fully managed by our team of experts.


Lead generation funnels

Over $10,000

Spent on advertising monthly

Multi-channel advertising for incoming warm contacts.

With so many businesses out there competing for leads and sales, how do you stand out from the crowd? Simple, it all comes down to better marketing and advertising.

Targeto combines the best marketing expertise with cutting-edge technology, data, strategy and creatives to to increase traffic, leads and sales.

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Social Media Ads

With Social Media Advertising, Targeto helps you reach the right people at just the right time. Social Media Advertising allows your business to engage, inform, and convert your specific audience directly on their social feed.

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PPC Advertising

With PPC, Targeto launches advertisements targeted towards your ideal lead. Using a competitive PPC strategy with targeted campaigns, these ads appear on search engines and trusted websites.

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Organic Search

With SEO, Targeto helps your business appear and rank at the top of search results relevant to your industry and target lead. SEO matters to lead generation because most buyers rely on search to research products and brands.

Process explained

We analyze your target audience's demographics, interests, and purchasing behaviors to direct your campaigns effectively at high-potential consumers.
Campaign Design
We enhance your funnel and offers with compelling value propositions and attractive deals to maximize appeal and conversion rates.
Lead Acquisition
We run targeted ad campaigns on selected digital platforms, with variables A/B tests to attract high-quality leads and drive traffic.

Top lead generation experts assigned to your campaigns

Account Manager

Takes care of each stage of your project — from initial research to analyzing campaigns’ performance and optimization.

Campaign Specialist

Configures your campaigns on the selected channels, making sure to target the right people at the right time.


Polishes your campaigns to make them resonate with your potential clients. He takes care of writing messaging for landing pages, marketing automations and ads.


Creates appealing landing pages and ad creatives to make your campaigns get noticed by your target market.


What's a lead generation funnel?

A lead generation funnel is a marketing model that outlines the journey potential customers take from initial awareness to becoming leads. It includes several stages: awareness (attracting potential customers), interest (engaging them with content), consideration (nurturing relationships through targeted information), and conversion (turning prospects into leads). This process often involves tools like landing pages, forms, email campaigns, and targeted content to guide and capture potential leads.

What do you consider a qualified lead?

In B2C lead generation, the information typically captured includes contact details (name, email address, phone number), demographic information (age, gender, location), behavioral data (website interactions, purchase history, engagement with content), interests (preferences, product interests, feedback), intent signals (subscription to newsletters, download of resources, inquiries), financial capability (income range or budget), social media profiles (handles or activity on platforms), and referral source (how they found the company, e.g., ads, referrals). This data helps in personalizing marketing efforts and improving conversion rates.

Which platforms will you use to generate leads?

For B2C campaigns we mainly focus on acquiring leads via Google Ads, Meta (Facebook and Instagram), and TikTok (when required).

How long does it take to see the first results?

The lead generation system will take 14-21 days to go live. Once the campaigns have been launched, we expect to start generating leads in the first 48 hours.

How will I be able to monitor the progress of my campaign?

We will assign an Account Manager who will report to you on our progress with a monthly report. Additionally, we will generate comprehensive marketing reports with deep insights into your leads and campaign using Google Sheets.


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