We create a highly-targeted database for your sales team.

We provide your sales team with accurate data matching your buyer persona. Targeto creates a B2B lead database with detailed lead research to boost your sales interactions.

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All the data you need to facilitate your growth.

Targeto gathers all available data through an extensive network of partners in order to identify your ideal leads and reach out to them. We run lead prospecting activities to build a highly targeted B2B database for your business.


Target Analysis


Database Creation


Lead Optimisation

Accelerate sales development with lead research services.

You can now outsource your B2B lead research to a dedicated team that will filter and identify the best potential customers’ profiles.

Find new B2B customers

with a dedicated lead prospecting team, without the recruiting and training hustle.

Enrich your data

tracking down the most up-to-date information about decision makers in your industry.

Manage time effectively

by never missing sales leads to be contacted from your in-house representatives.

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Your Lead Research Team

Dedicated Account Manager

Work and coordinate with an account manager whose only goal is to see your sales team succeed with a new set of outbound sales leads.

Database Researcher

Experienced and highly trained researchers take away all the legwork and devote 40 hours a week to your database enhancement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Prospecting is the first step in the sales process, which consists of identifying potential customers, aka prospects. The goal of prospecting is to develop a database of likely customers and then systematically communicate with them in the hopes of converting them from potential customer to current customer.

Targeto collects information from in-house lead generation activities and through business partners who own established and trustworthy directories. We utilise the most cutting-edge AI and machine learning technology to collect data from public records, publicly available information, and business directories. We verify each vendor’s data to ensure its accuracy, before and during the engagement.

Targeto takes the data privacy and security of our organization, our customers, and the customers of our customers with the utmost seriousness. All our sources apply strict policies in place to ensure that our data and our data collection methods are aligned with the latest legislation including CCPA and GDPR.

Third-party big data technology helps us identifying the most up-to-date information for each contact in our lists and simultaneously removes any outdated information from the system.

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