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Start receiving qualified leads in the UAE. Only Pay Per Lead.

Increase your sales and reach any goal with Targeto’s qualified lead generation services. Through integrated and customized solutions, supported by Artificial Intelligence, we generate contacts interested in your business and we deliver you prospects ready for commercial discussion.
Contact us and boost your business starting from a minimum investment of only $1000: efficiency, optimisation and increase in turnover, even remotely.


Database & Prospecting

We generate lists of targeted prospects for your products or services that you can contact every month as soon as they are generated.

Lead Outreach

We interact with your prospects with custom messaging to generate sales appointments through effective email outreach.

Constant Optimisation

Thanks to integrated strategies, reach your audience on multiple channels, obtaining constant flows of leads to target.

Targeto is the marketing consulting firm based in the UAE that helps clients improve sales and marketing processes, and increase revenues by providing new qualified leads to their teams.

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