Attract new sales leads through digital advertising campaigns.

Targeto makes lead generation easy by providing the digital marketing expertise needed to create new sales opportunities in a constant and predictable way.

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Lead generation advertising for incoming warm contacts.

With so many businesses out there competing for leads and sales, how do you stand out from the crowd? Simple, it all comes down to better marketing and advertising.

Targeto combines the best marketing expertise with cutting-edge technology, data, strategy and creatives to to increase traffic, leads and sales.

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Organic Search

With SEO, Targeto helps your business appear and rank at the top of search results relevant to your industry and target lead. SEO matters to lead generation because most buyers rely on search to research products and brands.

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PPC Advertising

With PPC, Targeto launches advertisements targeted towards your ideal lead. Using a competitive PPC strategy with targeted campaigns, these ads appear on search engines and trusted websites.

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Social Media Ads

With Social Media Advertising, Targeto helps you reach the right people at just the right time. Social Media Advertising allows your business to engage, inform, and convert your specific audience directly on their social feed.


We build marketing success histories.

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Generating B2B leads for a fitness SaaS company

Sportclubby is a SaaS (Software as a Service) company that offers a digital CRM platform for managing the day-to-day operations of all fitness-related businesses quickly and effectively.
Targeto helped Sportclubby reach and generate an exponential numbers of B2B leads with target-specific advertising campaigns. The campaigns make use of landing pages and lead magnets such as downloadable PDFs, Webinars and Limited Time Offers to generate interest in the market.


Monthly B2B leads generated across multiple target audiences


Increase in advertising conversion rates


Increase in cold prospecting conversions

Targeto case study with Sportclubby
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Promoting a viral referral system for sustainable sneakers

Thaely is a revolutionary e-commerce business selling sustainable sneakers made from recycled plastic bottles. Targeto helps Thaely spread the word about the brand’s “green mission”. Our team planned a unique viral campaign for the last Black Friday. The campaign used a powerful referral system to spread the mission of Thaely and generate new leads of potential customers. We offered a limited-time promo that pushed people to spread the word and create greater awareness about Thaely and its mission.


Overall increase on the online store traffic


Sales pipeline value created with the Black Friday campaign


New customer leads that showed interest in learning more about Thaely and its mission

Targeto success history with Thaely

Unlock your business' lead generation potential.

Access world-class marketing expertise. Our team is made up of marketing strategists, designers and copywriters that will help you achieve your business goals through lead generation services.

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Targeto runs in-depth analysis of the customer’s behaviour, identifying the ideal buyer persona with all its characteristics. This will help us build an effective communication to attract them.


We design an effective marketing strategy to attract, nurture and convert potential customers through SEO, PPC and Social Media on multiple, selected marketing channels.


Targeto acquires data, A/B tests all possible variables, in order to generate the necessary number of marketing qualified leads and cistomers, at the lowest cost possible for all our clients.

Generate, nurture, convert more leads with Targeto.

Founded in 2017 by digital entrepreneurs that were looking for a scalable system to attract customers online, Targeto has quickly grown into an effective lead generation firm. We help our clients increase revenues by providing new qualified leads to their sales team in a constant and predictable way.
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How do we accelerate our client's growth.

Currently trusted by over 300 companies worldwide.

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