Reach your market through Facebook and Instagram

Why Social Advertising?

People are spending more and more time interacting on Social Networks. Social Advertising has become an important way for brands to reach their target audience and sell their offers. You are now able through to reach your ideal client based on demographics, interests and behaviour.


We research your market and analyse your brand to build a custom E-Commerce platform that perfectly showcases your products.


Our team will send you detailed weekly reports on your active Advertising campaigns. See how the market reacts and adapt your strategy.


If you want to to get the most out of Social Advertising our consultants will be ready to help you. Improve performance with a dedicated team.

Targeto helps you achieve your goals.


We build an Advertising Plan.

Whether you want to generate leads, or bring sales on your store pur team will build the advertising plan tailored to your goals. 


We create your Campaigns.

Our expert graphic designers and copywriters will design high-performance advertising campaigns for the selected channels.


We optimise your results.

Our team will constantly monitor and optimise your advertising campaigns to achieve your goals at the lowest cost possible.


Social Media Advertising is projected to reach 98M$ in 2020