Our data and market knowledge gathered during years spent at serve clients worldwide are exactly what you need to grow your business.

Strategies for the NOW.

Most agencies have a “one strategy fits” all approach when it comes to consult clients about what moves they should do. The problem here is clear. Some strategy from the past may still works, but in 2019 you cannot just copy and paste strategies across different clients. 

We are not in the early adoption phase of the internet where everything was possible and you could just sell everything online through simple campaigns and without sophisticated marketing funnels.

Reality is, the world of internet is changing fast, and consumer behavior is changing even faster. 

A new era.

Consumers can’t recall what they just saw on Instagram within 60 seconds. They are used to open apps like Facebook, Instagram and Youtube, consume a lot of 3-second content and then shut down the smartphone without even remembering why they took it in the first place.

Marketers have to adapt their strategies to this behaviors which are completely new. Adaption is key, and brands has to know exactly what they are doing, otherwise they won’t survive the digital revolution.

Not just nice words.

Often agencies get clients by telling them a lot of nice stories. At Targeto we know we cannot retain clients just with “nice stories“, we need to bring them results. What is the best way to get clients great results?

Yes, you got it! The best way is to expose ourself with the same approach. We use our approach to develop successful strategies across all the founders companies which translates in real day to day results.