We work with politicians in Asia and Europe to help them reach more people and gain more votes. We can be your secret weapon.​

Online presence.

As a politicians you need exposure. Every single vote is important, that’s why we can reach every single person in your country/district on your behalf and tell them to vote for you.

We have run digital marketing campaigns in different countries reaching incredible results. Just during our last campaign we brought a candidate from 180.000 social media followers to over 1.200.000 in just 4 months, reaching with his content over 60 million people out for 70 million in his country.

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A new era.

Just think about Donald Trump. He managed to invest a fraction of his contendent advertising budget to win the elections in the US. This is the power of digital marketing and influence, and that is what we are experts at in Targeto.

You cannot think to win if your digital marketing sucks. 

Why it is so important to be online.

While on television and newspaper you need to find the right message that fits all the viewers, online you can define specific messages and angles and the target only those most likely to positively engage with that message.

The power of internet is that you can talk about minorities to minorities and about flat tax to entrepreneurs without confusing the overall message and messing up potential voters perspectives.