Your Digital Partners

We are a team of result-oriented Marketers that love building success.

Flavio Sbriglia, Nicolo Manica and Luca Borreani attending the Agency Expo in New York

Partners of Targeto attending the Agency Expo 2019 in New York

Targeto was born to help companies and entrepreneurs succeed in the internet marketing.

During the years, the team has developed an extensive experience in designing, building and scaling digital marketing campaigns. These were the same skills that helped the Founders in their own entrepreneurial adventures globally.

Today, Targeto hands this knowledge to businesses that are seeking success in the digital world.

Our Partners

The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The leader adjusts the sails.

Nicolò Manica


Nicolò is a detail oriented digital entrepreneur who has founded several companies and spoken on international stages. He is a master in building teams and processes to optimize every aspect of a business. During his career he managed to accomplish significant milestones despite his young age.

Flavio Sbriglia


Flavio is a digital marketing expert and international entrepreneur. In the last three years, Flavio Sbriglia has consulted over 300 Companies in Europe, North America & South East Asia helping them identify business opportunities and reach digital success. Today he leads the growth of Targeto and his other companies.

Luca Borreani


Luca has always been a digital enthusiast. Since he got his first laptop he has always been looking for ways to build something. A few years later he is an international speaker about digital marketing and business strategy, he manages different successful companies and is featured on international publications.