Experience Brought To You.

We experience the Digital World of several industries every single day. We learn about its trends, what works, and what doesn’t.

Targeto was born due to a market necessity. In fact, the biggest lie of the internet is that grabbing customers attention and selling online is easy. Too many entrepreneurs and companies have been trying to launch their businesses online, often simply moving an offline offer to the online channels.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. Grabbing people’s attention and selling online is not as easy as they say. Once you crack the code it becomes simple, but that never means easy. Targeto’s leadership gained a deep and wide expertise during the development of their other companies.

Targeto’s founders are considered among the Top Digital Marketers worldwide, speaking as keynote speakers at international conferences, mentoring entrepreneurs and investing in Start Ups.

During their career they have learned how important resilience is when it comes to design marketing funnels and scale lead generation campaigns.



The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The leader adjusts the sails.


Nicolò Manica


Nicolò is a detail oriented digital entrepreneur who has founded several companies and spoken on international stages. He is a master in building teams and processes to optimize every aspect of a business. During his career he managed to accomplish significant milestones despite his young age.


Flavio Sbriglia

evp of operations /

Flavio deploys advanced knowledge on leveraging businesses inefficiencies, transforming these into opportunities through the digital tools. He is an International entrepreneur, Founder of Targeto, leading and supervising its global Operations. His vast experience is the key element in the creation of disruptive Marketing Funnels.


Luca Borreani

EVP of Marketing /

Luca has always been a digital enthusiast. Since he got his first laptop he has always been looking for ways to build something. A few years later he is an international speaker about digital marketing and business strategy, he manages different successful companies and is featured on international publications.