PPC allows you to meet your audience right where they are since your paid ads only show up when a user triggers them with the keyword that the specific ad targets.
If your keyword research shows that your target audience searches “plumber near me” most often, you can target that keyword with your paid ad.

Paid ads are a great lead generation strategy because when users click them, they’ll arrive on a landing page that entices them to purchase your product.

PPC landing pages should have everything users need to convert like:

1. Product images
2. Color and size options
3. Ingredients or materials used
4. Measurements and specs
5. Price
6. Customer reviews
7. Link or option to purchase

Your PPC landing pages should give visitors all the information they need to decide whether or not the product is right for them and include calls to action (CTAs) to purchase.
Even if the visitor isn’t ready to purchase, you’ll still benefit from increased brand awareness and site traffic.
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